SET OF TWO: Tire 2.50 - 16 (P43) Front/Rear

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Motorcycle Tire 2.50-16
Rugged and reliable on/off-roader
Suitable for use on both paved roads and dirt tracks

Fitment Reference Guide
Use this guide as reference, as with any other product you should verify the manufacturer specs for your vehicle.
HONDA: CRF80F, SL70, SL70K, XL70, XL70K, XL75, XL80, XL80S, XL80S, XR80 / XR80R, TZ75, XR75K
KAWASAKI: KD80, KD100M, KM100, KV100, MC1 90, MC1M 90
SUZUKI: RM80, TM75 Mini Cross, TS75 Colt