MYK Chinese Scooter High Performance Racing Torque and Clutch Shoe Springs SET GY6 50cc-100cc also fits 139QMB and 1P39QMB Engines Scooter Moped ATV (2000RPM, RED)

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  • SET Includes: 1 x Torque Spring (2000RPM) + 1 Set Clutch Shoe Springs (3 pcs)
  • 2000RPM Spring will deliver the greatest grabbing power and a higher RPM at take-off. Slightly slower overall speed but more "Up-Hill Power"
  • Troubleshoot dragging clutch with a new set of springs, add overall speed with performance Springs.

    Performance 2000 RPM Torque Spring for 50cc QMB139 4-stroke engine based vehicles.

    Designed to provide varying pressure to the sliding variator plate for different acceleration purposes and tuning.
    When performance increases, these springs become a necessity.
    It can maximize your engine's torque and response.
    These top performing springs will give you back your acceleration, hill climbing ability and make your machine run as a top performer once again.

    This fits all the common scooters, ATV , Go Karts with 50cc QMB139 engines like Tao Tao , Baccio , Vento Phantom R4i, R3, Jonway, NST, Tank, JMstar, Roketa, Sunl, Peace and many more.