COMBO: 50cc Carburetor, Air Filter “Turbine”, Intake Manifold “Scooter won’t run troubleshooting Kit” - Red

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  • KIT INCLUDES: 50cc Carburetor, Air Filter “Turbine” Red, Intake Manifold.
  • CARBURETOR: Stock 50cc Carburetor, with electric choke and all fuel lines
  • AIR FILTER: Fits 38mm Carburetor Opening (+- 1mm), includes clamp
  • INTAKE MANIFOLD: Intake manifold for GY6 50cc 4 stroke engines.
  • Details of each component below.

    One of the most common reasons a scooter starts but won’t rev or run well is a faulty carburetor, and Air and Vacuum Leaks. This kit is intended to tackle these problems so that your scooter runs smoothly again.


    Fully Adjustable Carburetor, CVK 50cc/80cc 4 Stroke.
    This carburetor comes with a #75 Main Jet for better fuel to air ratio.
    Fits 50cc/80cc 4 Stroke GY6/QMB139 Engines.
    Inner Diameter (intake): 19mm.
    Outer Diameter (air filter mount): 40mm.
    Electric Choke (plug style): 2-pin, male plug.
    Includes Accelerator Pump.
    Main Jet: #75".
    Idle Jet: #35.

    AIR FILTER “Turbine”:

    Pliable flanges absorb vibration and can be stretched up to 1/16 In. to fit in-between sizes.
    Inside Diameter: 38mm.
    Overall Height: 4".
    Outside Diameter at widest point: 3".
    Outside Diameter at the top: 1 7/8".


    Intake manifold for GY6 50cc 4 stroke engines.
    Carb Mount Diameter: 18mm
    Engine Head Diameter: 25mm
    Bolting Hole Distance: 45mm
    Intake Manifold Pipe 50cc GY6 Scooter ATV Go Kart
    Connects the carburetor to the cylinder head.
    Fits Most 50cc GY6 Chinese Engines- Bolting Hole Distance: 45mm